Christmas doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming;

It should be fun. And trust us, our Christmas in a Box concept really is as easy as it sounds

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When it comes to Christmas, we know exactly what works

We’ve been supplying commercial and residential decorations across the UK for many years, have got tons of experience and are proud of each and every installation. Cut us open and you’ll see we’re festive through and through. 

Free UK Delivery over £1000

Best quality products

Beautiful packaging

Free UK Delivery over £1000

Best quality products

Beautiful packaging

What’s Included

Everything you need to create the perfect Christmas set-up.

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Make every moment memorable and set the precedent for Christmases to come with decorations that are a delight to hang.

We believe that time-honoured tradition of trimming the tree with family and friends should always be a magical experience and now with Christmas in a Box, you can be sure of that high-end look without any strife! 

Follow us for handy hints and tips to create gorgeous garlands and the perfect tree.

Getting to know us

Customers always ask when we’re going to start selling our products and where to purchase similar items as they struggle to find the same, amazing quality decorations on the high street. To satisfy this demand, we decided to do something about it.

“We’ve had our home professionally decorated by The Christmas Company for the past five years and absolutely love it! We thought there was no way we could possibly recreate the magic and attempt this ourselves, but after watching the team at work, we’ve decided we’re going to give it a go with the new Christmas in a Box.”
“This is a brilliant idea! While we always use The Christmas Company to decorate our home, we like to have an extra tree for the children to decorate, which is one of our favourite family traditions. Over the years we’ve tried to get one that is the same, high quality as the gorgeous trees used by The Christmas Company, but we have never quite managed it. This is a massive time and stress saver, which means more time for Christmas fun!”
“We’ve got eight offices, which are spread throughout the North West and while normally we would use The Christmas Company to decorate them, this year we decided to try something new. We’ve ordered eight identical Christmas boxes containing decorations in colours that match our branding and are going to follow the online tutorials so we can do it ourselves. The idea is to make it a team effort, which should be loads of fun and much more cost effective. We’re planning to decorate all our offices on the same day and get some light-hearted content for our social media pages while we’re at it. Talk about a win-win.”